The Other Guy's Shoes
Lately, God has - once again - started softening my heart about certain things. These "things" mostly concern our humanity and how we treat each other both in and out of the F...
Divine Coincidences
Over the last couple of weeks I have enjoyed a few divine coincidences. These are not the Bob Ross type "happy accidents" - as he used to say - but unforeseen happenings with ...
2016-06-15 10.58.28
SBC 2016 - St. Louis
This week I had the opportunity to serve as a messenger to the Southern Baptist Convention, which was held in St. Louis, MO. I went as a voting delegate for Chapel Hill Baptis...


You have landed at Nicholas Chronicles, a ministry web site designed and maintained by Randy Nicholas. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a Baptist missionary, techie, family man, and recently graduated from Union University. I am involved in multiple ministries and am currently developing new avenues of outreach. More on that later.

Ministry Job Search

Since finishing my degree at Union University, I am submitting resumes to churches and other like-minded organizations. If you are following up on one of those resumes and researching this web site to learn more about me, feel free to ask questions about my writings, calling, or convictions.


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